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I´m now stuck with this huge calculator that is of a completely unnecessary size. I do not understand why an update would remove the features or. › watch.

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Microsoft launched the October feature update for Windows 10 on October 2, but restricted it to manual upgrades to the new version. Users and administrators who did upgrade to the new version already, read why you may want to wait with that , may have noticed a number of changes that Microsoft implemented.

Those who use the Calculator regularly may have been shocked by the giant size of the Calculator in the new version of Windows The calculator takes up most of the screen when launched initially.

The screenshot below shows it right after launch on a x monitor on a PC running Windows 10 version While the size may work in some situations, when you only open the calculator and nothing else or have a touch device and a small screen, it does not work well in most scenarios. If you like to display the calculator next to another program, say an Excel spreadsheet, a shopping site, or a Word document, you will realize that this may not work with the default interface size.

Microsoft has not made the same mistake that it made when it released the Windows 8 operating system though. The operating system lacked options to resize application windows when it was launched which meant that you were stuck with a particular window size or even fullscreen apps.

Windows 10 users who dislike the giant size of the Calculator interface can resize it quite easily. Just move the mouse cursor over one of the window edges and use a drag motion to resize it. If you resize the interface enough, you’ll notice that the Memory and History sidebar is hidden from the interface and replaced with an icon that you may activate to display the history. The Calculator remembers the new window size, thankfully, so that it is loaded with the new dimensions whenever you start it on the system.

It is unclear why Microsoft made the decision to inflate the screen of the Calculator app in the new version of Windows Other apps have not received the same treatment in the new version of Windows Heh…used to use it on school computers to view the web. It worked in XP but not sure if that option is still around. As someone who never uses the Windows calculator and always struggles to find screen space, I find that massive calculator screenshot hilarious yet charming.

From the first time I used Windows 10, I never got that giant Calculator. Maybe yours was broken? Version opens Calculator in an oversized window. This always occurred with each update, at least for me, I always had to adjust the size of the calculator after each feature update. Calculator looks OK in dark mode, and can be pretty powerful.

Around tax time I find its printable tape useful as a visual paper check for typos and a nice old fashioned record that works well for me. I just use Google for conversions and simple math results. Not pointless at all. I do CADD and require seven or more windows open at one time do to the research and multiple data sources I need.

I see just fine and have no need for a calculator with a font that is ten times the size of every other application on the screen. If for no other reason than that I fine it aesthetically uncomfortable, there is no good reason that this particular app should be forced to a size that I am not comfortable with. And no, I cannot simply download and install a third party app. I do not have admin privileges. I remember when when the first windows operating interface came out.

Prior to that, we used DOS. An engineer expressed the opinion that it was ridiculous. I get it. How ridiculous! I found the article necessarily useful because the resizing restriction was disconcerting and I immediately went about figuring out what was going on.

The article let me know not to waste my time trying to figure it out. I personally find it amazing that a staff of developers have nothing better to do than make a really big calculator.

Well said Juan. Maybe there is a way around it. Problem solved! No one double checks Windows anymore. I use the calculator daily and hate, hate, hate the size.

This, despite having Excel readily available. Reading this article led me to take a moment to look again at the new calculator app in Win10 Funny how not having a key for just that one operation renders it useless for me, but it does.

A scientific calculator without a natural log function …. Bundled applications of Microsoft are all low function, Low quality, Only the garbage items. Can not be the calculation results also copy-and-paste. Every one, there are excellent products in free software. But this business about the Windows 10 Calculator loading too big by default reminds me of a little gripe I have. Why open up a browser tab to Google to do simple calculation?

No browser required. Just as I like it. Am I the only one who uses their phone instead for a calculator? My batch here is easily adjustable to open a different calculator e.

You could also use this same technique to replace notepad. Tablets and notebooks used as touch devices with windows 10 is extremely niche product, maybe it is time to stop this madness and provide actual desktop interface back? One thing I hate even more than an oversized calculator is the oversized audio mixer panel that has been supplied with the OS since windows 7. Drives me absolutely bonkers. Does anyone around here have an alternative to the windows 7 and 8.

Why is there no discussion when we can have the calculator fixed again? We can complain, but how do we make progress. The calculator just cannot look like this, it is awful. Windows 10 just sucks. Yes, the size of the Windows 10 Calculator is just too big. The calculator is supposed to be used alongside other apps and this one takes up too much space.

The calculator in Win 10 is an utter disaster like most of Win You can only shrink the HUGE calculator so much…. Useless for using along side Excel spreadsheets unlike the original calculator. Now write an article on how to get that back and it would be useful. I think the guy at Microsoft responsible for the calculator had no more ideas on how to improve it, so he made it HUGE.

I can see the numbers from a satellite photo. I use my phone calculator now…. Instructions listed above for resizing do not work. Why the hell do they feel the need to change this kind of stuff? Leave it alone and if I want to resize it, I will! Extremely annoying! Resizing works great! But manually dragging a corner to resize seems to work well and retains the setting.

Was there some swell of discontent over the previous calculator? I really liked the compact calculator before… But once again, it sure looks like actual, human users are not at the foundation of design decisions — it seems to be some odd, esoteric, guru- or artistic-driven idea behind it. Just like the [non-adjustable] 1-pixel wide window borders — arrrggghhh…. As a giant corporation, how incompetent, sloppy and careless do you have to be to let your simple OS calculator not remember its size?

I usually have my calculator on my right matter. When I move it to my laptop monitor recognized as Monitor 1 it will remember the size and placement. MS still has not taken care of its Hi-DPi issue for apps. Developers cna only do so much; the onus is on MS to fix the issues and they are just too large, sloppy and careless to do things competently.

As a tool, I expect it to be dialog like and not require a second or third mouse adjustment to be usable for me. People who criticized this article stating that the author just needs to chill clearly either do not understand usability or use the calculator regularly as a tool. Anything that forces the user to go from one click to more than one has taken a step in the wrong direction.

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This calculator app is great for younger users. There are lots of free calculator apps available that will do what you need. Free mouse click automation tool. To strengthen your planning and development skills. Nothing yet. In fact the problem is getting worse. Now the Windows Start menu fails to launch. Using the Windows key on the keyboard or by clicking with the mouse start menu fails to open.

I have a desktop PC running with four Microsoft accounts, it works fine everywhere else but with me. My solitaire app isn’t working either. Recently, I could not get into the store either but tonight I was suddenly able to. Really don’t want to have to delete and re-create my account if I can help it.

My calendar and calculator has stopped working so has the start button so I replaced it with startw8. You can download it from www. Details required : characters remaining Cancel Submit 3 people found this reply helpful. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member.

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Windows 10 calculator too big free.Resizing calculator in Windows 10

In Windows 10, Microsoft ditched the good old calculator app and calculator to “survive” after sfc /scannow, Windows Update and so on. I have the basic calculator with the Win10, I want to use it the VERY top right hand corner is hidden, I can not visibly see those. “the [Windows 10] calculator clearly looks over simplified and very spacey imo” the default size of apps, resulting in a really big Calculator window.



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