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The rods are perfectly made for fishing for zander, perch, trout and chub — the fish can easily soak in small and medium softlures with jigheads up to 12g and you instantaneously feel the bite!

The version with a casting weight of 14g is ideally suited as perch, chub and trout rod for fishing with somewhat lighter lures or next to the surface. Fishing for predators at its best! The rods with casting weights of g are made for heavy spinfishing for pike and zander with big softplastic lures and hardbaits and are equipped with an EVA split handle section.

The Hard-EVA within the handle section improves the balance of these powerful spinning rods and guarantees perfect handling and comfort during extreme fights with large specimen! For the Airity spinning rod series, our engineers have drawn on some of the best DAIWA technologies and components ever. The fast HVF Nanoplus blanks with X45 technology is marked by its distinct tip action with strong backbone and thus is especially suited for usage with all kind of softlures.

The X45 carbon fiber construction improves the blanks compression and thus makes it even more distortion-proof — longer and at the same time more precise casts are the result. The admixed carbon fiber nano particles within the material allow to reduce the amount of resin within the high modular HVF carbon fiber further. Thus the rods get even lighter, faster and even more perfectly balanced. The exclusive V-Joint technology reinforces the spigot joints due to the used BIAS carbon fiber material and form an incredibly even bending curve.

Of course also highest quality standards have been complied for the rod components. Extremely light Fuji K SiC guides belong to the best on the market. The exclusive DAIWA Air Sensor reel seat made of superlight carbon fiber material, premium Hard-EVA material at the handle section and the noble woven carbon fiber screw at the reel seat guarantee reliability and a long lifespan. Equipped with Seaguide hook keeper. The rod with a casting weight of g is equipped with a sensitive, spliced-in carbon fiber blank and a powerful backbone — ideal for fishing with finesse lures for perch or with small lures in strong currents.

Perfect lure control and bite detection are guaranteed! Under the use of casting weights of 15g or 20g, these rods reach their optimal casting performance and lure presentation — ideal for fishing with softplastic lures of cm and jigs of 7. The Morethan Shad Attack rods have been especially designed for fishing with shads and feature strictly components of highest quality. The extremely fast and lightweight SVF carbon fiber blank transmits every lure action as well as contact with fishes and ground straight to the angler – perfect for scanning the bottom structure and react to soft taps instantly.

The X45 technology at the blank reduces torque to a minimum and allows very long and accurate casts. The V-Joint spigot joint enables the manufacturing of extremely slim blanks and additionally provides a perfect bending curve.

Thanks to the design, the Morethan Shad Attack rods appear extraordinarily noble and feature an extremely well-balanced handling.

The large model range within this exceptional rod series offers a proper choice for almost all kinds of softbait fishing, e. Designed with two sectioned EVA handle, ergonomic DAIWA reel seat and woven carbon fiber structure at the handle section, these spinning rods are extraordinarily nobel and lightweight as well as perfectly balanced. At any times the strong backbone offers enough power to set the hook effectively! This is of biggest importance when catching huge zander or pikes!

Big and heavy softlures can be fished perfectly and the special guide position prevents tangling of the line at the tip guide at strong wind and waves — pelagic fish can thus been targeted fast and accurately! Equipped with Fuji ACS baitcasting reel seat this rod is exclusively designed for fishing from the belly boat, kayak or boat using multiplier and baitcasting reels. Fishing with big lures is naturally very energy-sapping. The Big Bait rods, made of HVF carbon fiber with X45 and Nanoplus technology combine exactly those characteristics, which are necessary for an effortless fishing!

The classically designed handle section, made of premium cork, pleases your hand and at the same time provides the perfect lever to do long and precise casts. The blank fully loads during the cast and thus supports the angler cast by cast. Or experts have spent many hours at the water during the development, testing numerous prototypes until perfect special rods have been constructed!

The HVF Nanoplus carbon fiber material enables the construction of very light, slim, fast and — at the same time — extremely resilient blanks. Due to the addition of nano particles, the already small amount of resin has been further reduced. The blanks got even faster and more lightweight! The X45 carbon fiber construction leads to an improved compression of the blank thanks to the special positioning of the carbon fibers — the blanks are very distortion-proof, enable more precise casts and can be controlled perfectly during the fight and the lure presentation.

Aditionally the rods get more resistance against damages. This special material makes this usually sensitive part of a rod very robust and improves the bending curve at the same time. The Finesse Perch with a casting weight of g features a spliced-in solid carbon fiber tip and a powerful backbone, leading to a perfect transmission of soft taps, lure action or bottom structures right to the angler.

Extremely short upper handles and the innovative Fuji TVS reel seat with lateral pockets allow an instant contact to the blank. The perfect rod for presenting small lures like creature baits on the Flexi-Jig system, mini plugs and many more! The model with g casting weight is equipped with a tubular tip and due to the resulting tip action is the proper choice for aggressive jigging with softplastic lures of all kind, but also does a great job at twitching small and medium-sized hardbaits.

Perfect when large perches have to be targeted in deeper waters or at currents. Casting performance and contact to the lure are outstanding!

The rod with a casting weight up to 42g has been made for fishing with medium lures at slow currents or standing respectively shallow waters. The Power Zander model can cast lures up to 70g effortless and can be used in strong currents or deeper waters.

Equipped with a very light and ergonomically shaped Air Sensor reel seat made of carbon fiber material, these rods are extraordinarily handy and enable effortless fishing over hours. The stiff backbone of the HVF blank transmits every action of the lure as well as bites straight to the handle. The Fuji TVS reel seat allows you to detect everything, what happens at the end of the line and to react accordingly.

The soft tip leads to very good casting distances and reliably prevents losses and material overload. Fantastic rods for catching perch, trout and chub! Thanks to their strong backbone, these rods care for a vivid action of twitched hardbaits and reliably transmit the lure action as well as bites to the handle section. The stiff action of the HVF carbon fiber blank allows the angler to choose from all modern presentation styles.

Thanks to its lateral cavities, the Fuji TVS reel seat allows direct contact to the blank and thus also to the lure. The Powermesh series comprises a range of premium and lightweight rods with superior components and latest rod design, which are especially adapted for particular fields of application.

Modern HVF carbon fiber material and X45 carbon fiber design have enabled the development of lightweight, resistant and distortion-proof blanks. Powermesh rods thus allow precise and long casts as well as uncompromising fighting with the fish. The strong V-Joint cares for an even bending curve. Due to their light weight, the premium Fuji Alconite K-guides prevent tangles and support the fast action of these exceptional rods.

The slim blank with stiff action and strong backbone allows the application of all modern presentation styles. The action of the 2. This rod is also a good choice for vertical jigging. A perfect lure control, lure presentation and bite detection are guaranteed also at difficult surroundings.

Thanks to the strong backbone you can set the hook instantaneously also over great distances. The premium and very lightweight HVF carbon fiber blanks feature the X45 technology and catapult lures of g or g over long distances with ease, thus ensuring a perfect presentation and control.

Maximum fun is guaranteed! The very stiff action allows the optimal presentation of jerkbaits up to g. The 1. Both models feature a trigger reel seat and are designed for the use of multiplier and baitcasting reels. CW length cl. The name “Tatula” stands for outstanding quality as well as latest technologies and innovation since years. The accurate scanning of bottom structures is of enormous importance when fishing for perch and zander with softplastic lures.

The recognition of extremely hard and soft ground is a huge advantage when it comes to finding the right spots! Also the presentation of softbaits and twitching with hardbaits is considerably easier with a fast and stiff blank.

The Tatula rods unite particularly these features. The fast and very stiff blank made of SVF carbon fiber combined with the exclusive X45 technology of DAIWA allow the design of fast and very tough rods, which almost leave no wish unfulfilled. The V-Joint spigot joint is the foundation of a truly harmonic bending curve and additionally supports the fast and even bending curve of the Tatulas. Equipped with lightweight Fuji Alconite guides, Fuji reel seat and premium split EVA handle section, these rods appear quite modern and offer large power reserves.

A very hard backbone in combination with a very fast action enables astonishing casting distances, perfect lure control and allows setting the hook without delay. Depending on the casting weight these rods are perfectly suited for fishing for pike, zander and perch with both hard and soft baits.

For light and ultra-light fishing at small streams or ponds for trout, chub and perch you can choose between two perfectly-balanced rods of either g or g casting weight. These fast rods with tip action are perfectly suited for fishing with small softbaits, small plugs and spoons! The characteristics of this rod are a distinct tip action in the upper quarter, followed by an extremely stiff backbone.

The action of this blank comes best into play at uncompromising twitching of hardbaits, presenting deep running crankbaits and at aggressive jigging with heavy shads!

The distinct and fast tip action of these specialty rods allow the exact scanning of bottom structures using softlures on a jighook or other techniques like the Carolina rig or drop shot rigs.

Hunting perches, zanders or pikes can perfectly swallow the lure and the fisherman can react to the “Tock” quickly. The lightweight and slim blank perfectly loads during the cast and provides particular characteristics in its tip and backbone to perfectly set the hook but also buffer quick escapes of large pikes. The X45 technology applied at the carbon fiber blank considerable improves the blank compression and thus causes a positive effect on the twist resistance — the rods cast fully controlled and precisely and on top are very robust.

The HVF blanks of the Ballistic LTD feature a markedly reduced resin content with higher carbon fiber amount, leading to very lightweight and well-balanced rods with a fast action. Short EVA upper handles and the characteristic lateral pockets within the Fuji TVS reel seat, allow a direct contact to the blank to control the lure action and sense contact to the bottom and even softest taps, which is especially advantageous at softbait fishing but also concering other fishing techniques.

When the target fish are hiding down deep or in strong current, these rods allow you to search them with deep running cranks or with heavier jighooks. Also perfectly applicable for using chatterbaits. The Ballistic X spin rods for heavier casting weights are ideally suited for twitching of hardbaits and jigging of heavy plastic lures – perfect for fishing for perch, pike, asp and zander with stickbaits or when lower water layers shall be scanned with heavy lures. The well-balanced HVF carbon fiber blanks are very handy, react quickly during the fight and offer very long and precise casts thanks to their X45 carbon fiber construction and the Fuji O-guides.

The Ballistic X spinning rods are equipped with Fuji DPS reel seat and Fuji O-guides, so you get premium quality for an outstanding price-performance ratio. The light and extra fast blanks are suitable for twitching of hardbaits like small to medium poppers and plugs, as well as for vertical jigging.

During the fight the fast blanks opens up to a semi-parabolic bending curve and thus absorbs flights and headbutts of powerful salmonids. The V-joint spigot joint ensures a very even bending curve under strain. Lightweight Seaguide guides with slim Zirconia inlays support the fast resilience and have a meaningful impact on the casting performance of these rods.

Incredibly long and accurate casts are possible every time! The fast and extra-fast taper blanks transmit contact with the bottom or fish as well as the lure action straight into the handle section. The Fuji Skeleton reel seat without upper handle section allows an instant contact to the blank to perceive every action without delay. The fashionable premium cork handle is very pleasant to operate and cares for a perfect balance even when very lightweight reels are used.

The carbon fiber handle section offers great advantages especially when fishing at warmer temperatures and with thin clothing: Lure action, contact to the bottom or soft taps of the fishes are transmitted straightly to the lower arm by the Sensor Jig! Thanks to the carbon fiber handle section every information is forwarded directly to the arm.

Additionally, these rods allow utmost accurate scanning of the bottom structure. Further advantages of this special design are an optimal rod balance, a great surface feel and an extraordinary look of the handle.

The action is characterized by a strong backbone with an appropriately soft tip in the upper quarter of the rod. As a result, the presentation of heavy lures and the fight with large specimen under ambitious conditions are no problem!

Also a perfect choice for fishing with the popular chatterbaits! Ideal rods for fishing from the boat! The lightweight rods with tubular tip perfectly load also when using small lures and catapult small soft plastic lures, plugs and spoons to large distances. Due to the stiff backbone, full lure control and bite detection are ensured also at strong currents — perfect for effective and accurate fishing for perch, trout and chub!

The actions of the Caldia Jiggerspin allow you to scan the bottom very precisely and offer the necessary elasticity to enable perch, zander and pike to swallow the lure without feeling too much resistance. As a consequence, the hooking of fishes works reliably, no matter whether you are classically jigging or using Texas, Carolina or Drop Shot rigs.

Especially the perfect balance of the blank has been the focus at the construction of these rods — for that reason balance weights have been integrated particularly at the handle of the 2. Convenient fishing for hours and optimal lure control is guaranteed!

Consequently, these rods exhibit the perfect characteristics to target remote spots also with small lures of only 3—12g and to set the hook over long distances. The soft tip is ideally suited for sensitive bite detection with the Cheburashka rig.

Any contact with the lure, bottom or fish is instantly transmitted to the handle section, enabling the scanning of bottom structures and the immediate reaction to even softest taps. Perfect for perch, asp, trout or chub! The compact pack size of 67cm or 75cm allows easy transportation in the suitcase or rucksack.

Perfectly designed V-Joint connections care for an even bending curve and provide additional toughness. The balance and action are hard to distinguish from a premium two-sectioned spinning rod. Quality components, like the lightweight titanium oxide guides with slim inlays and the AAA-grade natural cork handle significantly contribute to the pleasant balance of these rods.

The high modulus carbon fiber blank transmits the lure action, as well as ground and fish contact, instantly to the handle section and offers enough power to set the hook also over long distances. The semi- parabolic blank excellently loads during the cast and allows enormous casting distances with lures from g.

The soft action of the tip buffers sudden flights, headbutts and jumps easily, especially in the close distance, and reliably prevents unhooking. Thanks to the convenient handling this rod allows fatigue-free fishing over hours. These tips, which are almost unbreakable under normal fishing conditions, catapult ultra-small lures to good casting distances and reliably indicate also softest taps.

The models with 2. Due to the fast blanks the Fuego Camo rods are especially suited for jigging with soft plastic lures. These rods feature a modern look due to the trendy gray color and are equipped with an original Seaguide reel seat and premium camouflage EVA handle. The reel seat from the Seaguide Alien concept allows instant contact to the blank due to the lateral pockets, which optimize lure presentation and bite detection.

The ergonomic shape of the reel seat further guarantees comfortable handling and enables permanent fun at fishing. Equipped with light titanium oxide guides. The action of the rods is designed to facilitate great casting distances with shads, plugs or spoons of 50g or 60g. Despite their short division in four sections these rods are very fast and durable, feature a comfortable handling and display an even bending curve, which otherwise is only known from two-sectioned rods.

The slim and well-balanced HVF carbon fiber blank features a pleasant handling, enables long casts and cares for a precise bite detection. During the fight the quick blanks offer enough power reserves to direct also large specimen securely. The V-Joint spigot joint cares for an even bending curve and extra stability under strain.

Equipped with titanium oxide guides and premium Japan-style EVA handle! These rods are real all-rounders. Ideal for fishing with softplastic lures, plugs, spoons and spinners. The handle section offers great power reserves to be able to force even big fish during the fight. CW cl. The thin carbon fiber blank is very handy and well balanced and offers a great contact to the lure.

Especially when using with soft plastic lures you can perfectly scan the ground conditions and detect every softest tap. The action and bending curve of the strong backbone have been designed to provide pure fun at the fight while reducing losses at the same time. X-Wraps at the blank surface contribute to the torsion resistance, enlarge the precision of casts and provide stability at the fight with large specimen.

The fast HVF blank transmits every movement of the lure, ground conditions and contact to the fish directly to the handle and thus enables a prompt setting of the hook. The Ninja X jiggerspin rods are also perfectly suited for usage with small spoons and spinners. The small, orange varnish at the tip guide enables a good bite detection even under difficult light conditions.

Due to the short closed length, these rods can be transported easily with the bicycle or in the train and can be used perfectly at hardly accessible waters. The length of 1. The blank and the titanium oxide double leg guides of the Ninja X Kids also withstand toughest strains. Available in two colors — blue art.

The broad range covers a multitude of casting weights and lengths, thus providing the proper rod for every situation at spin fishing. The blank is extraordinary within this price segment and significantly contributes to the pleasant handling of these rods. The models of 40g casting weight and above offer a quick and stiff action, which leads to a perfect lure control and bite detection, particularly when softbaits and plugs are used.

The models with less than 40g casting weight have a somewhat softer action, which is a special advantage when fishing for aggressive predators like salmonid species, perch or chub. Instant and heavy flights are absorbed easily and the threat of losses is drastically reduced. The X-wrap at the blank makes these rods even stronger and more distortion-proof. Equipped with titanium oxide guides, modern handle made of EVA and rod bag. The sensitive but robust glass fiber tip with white night-glow vanish indicates also softest bites while the strong backbone supports the fight with rebellious eels and capital specimen also at strong current or at waters with submerged structure.

The Crossfire Eel rods are also the proper choice for occasional sea fishing with paternoster systems of natural baits. The skeleton reel seat reduces the weight of the rods, is pleasant to handle and facilitates controlling the lure action at fishing. The highly parabolic blanks already load very well at weights around 2g and allow reaching great casting distances. Thanks to their action these rods offer a spectacular fight with the fish.

The fluo-orange tip supports the detection of soft bites at low light conditions. Perfect for shads and plugs from cm! Regardless if you are fishing with small spoons for trout or are using large hardbaits for pike — the Triforce series from DAIWA contains a proper rod for almost every domestic predator species. The Triforce Perch rods are wonderfully applicable for small soft plastic lures, spinners or plugs of up to 8cm length.

With the Triforce Zander rods you have the fitting tool to present soft und hard lures up to 14cm and 28g in an ultimately convenient way. The Jig-Spinning rods with markedly fast tip action are especially designed for the use of shads, curly tails and creature baits with the corresponding rigs. For trout pond and stream you find two light trout rods with semi-parabolic action while when you are targeting pike with large and heavy lures up to 70g the pike models are the appropriate choice.

When presenting small and medium-sized hardbaits and soft plastic lures using a baitcasting reel, the Triforce Caster with ergonomically shaped trigger reel seat and a casting weight of g is the rod to choose. The Triforce rods combine ultra-modern design with an exceptional price-performance ratio! The newly developed very slim blanks are pleasantly well-balanced and the fast actions are hard to distinguish from the ones of considerably pricier carbon fiber blanks.

Equipped with aluminum-oxid guides, which are suited for the use with braided lines, the Sweepfire rods offer an outstanding price-performance ratio. The almost unbreakable spliced-in solid carbon fiber tip reliably indicates also softest bites and together with the strong backbone forms a functional alliance to securely net also large specimen with light tackle.

The distinct tip action enables long casting distances also with very small lures. Travel rods are trendy — these short-sectioned rods can be conveniently transported in a space-saving way. This eliminates the need for unhandy und expensive transportation tubes.

Thanks to the application of spigot joints, the Megaforce rods feature an even bending curve, which is hardly distinguishable from a detachable rod. The different lengths and casting weights of the Travel Spin models range from short rods for light fishing for perch and trout to spinning rods for heavy fishing for pike and zander.

The model with 5 sections and 3. The semi-parabolic blanks of the Legalis Allround show their strengths especially at fishing with delicate natural baits. They are both suited for fishing with the float and with lead sinkers at the bottom. Very good casting distances can be achieved thanks to these beautiful and slim blanks that perfectly load. With regard to their harmonic action they prevent damaging or even losses of sensitive hook baits. The models with g casting weight are designed for light or medium-heavy float fishing.

The ideal target fishes for theses rods are trout, tench, bream, zander or middle-sized carps. When applying the models with g and g casting weight, also heavier leads and floats can be used, which is especially convenient at fishing for large carps, pikes or eels.

Due to their light weight and good balance they are also easily applicable for spin fishing. The models with a casting weight of 5—30g and 10—40g are a great choice for light fishing with the float for tench or trout. When large floats or heavy sinkers are applied at fishing for carps or predators, the rods with 20—70g or 40—g can be applied.

The somewhat softer semi-parabolic backbone of these models allows sensitive casting of delicate baits like dough or baitfish over long distances, which can be crucial for success at fishing for trout, zander, eel or pike. At the Procaster rods premium components and an unpretentious but valuable design form an enjoyable alliance that comes at an excellent price-performance ratio.

This modern specialty rod series with parabolic action offers both models for fishing over short distances, like small ponds or rough terrain, but also rods, which are capable of casting small spoons or mini plugs accurately to remote fishing spots.

The models with spliced-in solid carbon fiber tip and a casting weight of 0. The rods with casting weights of 1—6g feature a tubular tip and thus exhibit a slightly faster and tougher action, which beyond the use of small spoons allows also presenting small softbaits and plugs— even at low current.

Thanks to the special handle section with original Fuji Skeleton reel seat the angler can stay in straight contact to the blank, keeping in touch with the lure action and detecting even softest taps reliably. During the cast these rods already perfectly load from weights of 1. During the fight the rods display a harmonic bending curve till the handle section and thus absorb flights and headshakes perfectly. Therefore, these rods are also perfectly applicable for using thin braided lines and very small lures.

The fast resilience enables highly accurate casts — perfect when salmonids have to be targeted at difficult spots. The innovative Seaguide reel seat with lateral pockets allows straight contact to the blank and leads to an even more intense feeling at fishing. The slim blanks are exceptionally well-balanced and allow very good casting distances with Sbirolinos or Bombardas.

The sensitive tip cares for an optimal bite detection and together with the semi-parabolic action leads to a harmonic bending curve.

Thus, quick flights are absorbed easily and the rod is protected from overloading. Excellent rods with premium processing and a great price-performance ratio. The very slim and sensitive blanks have been exactly tailored to the requirements at active fishing for coregones from the boat.

Despite their high sensitivity, these rods also allow to set the hook reliably when fishing in great depths — also thin lines do not get overloaded by large specimen. The even and far into the handle section reaching bending curve as well as the action of the fast blank prevent unhooking during the fight with the fish reliably.

The two included carbon fiber and glass fiber tips excellently indicate also softest taps. The red tip is great for the use with sinkers of 5—10gr while the yellow tip performs perfectly with sinkers of 3—5gr. The premium cork handle in combination with the classical design provides these rods with a noble appearance. If in Spain, Italy or at your home water — with these rods you are ready for the fight with even largest catfish! The somewhat softer and semi-parabolic action of the blanks allows the angler to exert high pressure especially during the intense fight over short distances and over deep water.

Sudden flights and tail shakes of large catfish are smoothly absorbed, which prevents losses as well as material overload. The 2. The blank section above the short EVA upper handle is equipped with a shrink tube that allows safe grabbing of the blank during the fight and provides an unique feeling to the hooked fish — safe grip every time!

The original Fuji DPS reel seat reliably holds your reel also at maximum strain. The strong blank allows convenient placement of your rigs via numerous techniques. Large catfish can be controlled safely also at strong current and despite snaggy waters. The Boje models feature an ergonomic shrink tube at the upper handle section. This pleasant to grab anti-slip handle helps maintaining the pressure upon the fish all the time during the fight. The power backbone enables the angler to control large catfish also in difficult situations and to force the fight uncompromisingly.

The spigot joint is reinforced with metal rings, leading to a harmonic bending curve and a durable connection of both rod parts. The distinct tip action combined with the strong backbone allow the use of smaller lures for targeting underwater vegetation and fishing in shallow water areas but also are fully appropriate for fishing with heavy soft plastic lures in strong current and great depth. Controlled and accurate casts are possible every time! The EVA handle section is pleasant to handle and can be cleaned easily if required.

Premium Seaguide double leg guides, overlapping tip guides, spigot ferrules reinforced with two aluminum guides, premium EVA handles, aluminum reel seat and a solid rounded butt cap — these rods are extremely reliable companions at the rivers Ebro and Po as well as at domestic catfish waters!

The semi-parabolic composite blanks are stiff enough to smash break lines, control the fish over large distances and force also large specimen securely in strong current. Due to the somewhat softer backbone also the fight with smaller and medium sizez fishes is real fun! Suited for fixed spool and multiplier reels. Bolo rods The very lightweight blanks of these premium Bolognese rods fully load during the cast and catapult your rigs over long distances.

The quick resilience combined with the sensitive tips allow targeting the feeding spot also with very light bolo floats. Slim, wrapped titanium oxide guides support the fast action of these bolo rods and together with the premium reel seat comprise an outstanding equipment within this price range.

Pole rods Telescopic pole with modern premium design. The lightweight blank is made of premium carbon fiber material and allows fatigue-free fishing for hours. The sensitive rod tips prevent overloading of thin leaders and care for maximum fun during the fight. The carbon fiber blanks of these poles are extremely lightweight and well-balanced and offer enough backbone to securely land also larger specimen.

A closed length of only 42cm allows convenient transportation in almost every fishing bag — perfect for spontaneous fishing trips and catching baitfish! Pole rods With the premium and fashionably designed Sweepfire glass fiber pole rod comprising a ready rig with float, lead, hook and line on a winder you are ready to fish immediately. Ideally suited for fishing for coarse fish with maggot, corn or dough! Delivered in a handy transportation bag. The powerful blank made of HVF carbon fiber material is pleasant to handle and — thanks to the strong backbone — allows to control also large specimen safely during the fight with the fish.

Available in length of five, six and seven meters these modern rods can be used in ponds as well as in lakes for medium-sized carps, breams and roach. HVF carbon fiber allows the design of very lightweight, fast and at the same time tough blanks. The X45 technology significantly improves the twist resistance of the rods. TDG guides feature a very hard Adamant coating instead of ceramic inlays.

Thus, the inner diameter of the guides is enlarged which leads to an improved casting performance. The black dull blanks are designed as Magnum Taper and load perfectly during the cast. These rods are well-balanced and perfectly suited for long casts! The 12ft. The model with a test curve of 4. The strong backbone allows you to exert pressure also over long distances during the fight and to control the situation until you get closer to the fish.

The 3. Due to these lightweight guides and the premium carbon fiber material, the design of rods with very fast action and ideal resilience is possible — long and extremely precise casts are the consequence. The Emblem blanks are very well balanced and absorb the flights of powerful fish easily.

The V-Joint spigot joint ensures an optimal bending curve! Premium shrink tube at the handle, a DPS Seaguide reel seat and a dull black blank with excellently wrapped guides make this classical rod a real jewel.

Models are equipped with a 50mm starter guide. The rods fit into a holdall of only cm length and thus are not too bulky within the car or boat. The perfect place to be for the Crosscast Extension carp rods are smaller waters or at fishing from the boat. Seaguide guides with thin titanium oxide LS inlays, a Seaguide DPS reel seat, premium shrink tube at the handle as well as 1K woven carbon fiber at the blank represent an outstanding equipment for rods within this price category.

During the casts these rods perfectly load and catapult heavy rigs to long distances. The lineup of the Crosscast XT series covers all areas of modern carp fishing. The 10ft. Stalker rod with a powerful test curve of 3. This rod also allows to control large specimen during the fight from the boat in a safe manner. The models with 12ft. The quick resilience of these rods is especially important when the rig has to be placed accuratelly at the spot. The comprehensive lineup offers a 10ft.

Stalker rod for targeting the short range or for fishing from the boat as well as three long distanced rods and a powerful 4. The handle is made of premium shrink tube and allows a safe grip also at very vigorous casts. During the fight the progressive action of the rods absorbs headbutts perfectly — the threat of losses is reduced and maximum fun is ensured! The four-sectioned Ninja X carp rods art.

The rod displays a tip action and offers a powerful backbone — ideal for smaller waters, in rough terrain or from the boat, when great pressure is needed for landing heavily fighting fish.

Sudden flights are absorbed smoothly. The Black Widow Extension carp rods are equipped with aluminum oxide guides, fit into a holdall of only cm length and offer an outstanding price-performance-ratio! Two 10ft. Stalker models cover the most important areas of short-range fishing and boat fishing for carp. The strong backbone of the 3. Stalker rod allows to fight even large carps successfully from the boat. When more remote feeding spots have to be targeted, the 12ft.

Black Widow XT rods are the right choice. The Spod rod with a 4. The three-sectioned model with 12ft. The telescopic models of the successful Crosscast carp rods series are not inferior to detachable rods according design and quality. The woven carbon fiber blank offers enormous power reserves and shows a fast, distinct action, which perfectly absorbs headbutts and flights.

The telescopic Ninja X carp rods are equipped with a slim classic cork handle and are suited for targeted carp fishing as well as for coarse fishing for bream, tench or even targeting zander and pike. The telescopic version of the successful Black Widow Carp series convinces by its slim blank with solid double-leg guides.

The blanks perfectly load at casting weights of 60g to g and therefore allow reaching long casting distances. At the fight with the fish the backbone offers large power reserves and allows to direct large specimen securely to the net.

The well- balanced blanks and the harmonized actions allow targeted and sensitive casts with tricky groundbait mixes and hookbaits at any time. The comprehensive lineup of the Aqualite Feeder series offers the fitting rod version for every field of application at modern feeder fishing. During the fight with the fish the rods with up to g casting weight show their perfectly buffering backbone and therefore are the first choice for method feeder fishing for carp, tench and large breams.

The higher casting weights for more traditional fields of application, like fishing in strong currents or large gravel pits, are equipped with larger guides at the tips, which conveniently allow the application of shock leaders.

Premium components like Fuji reel seats, lightweight guides with ceramic inlays and high-modulus carbon fiber at the blanks mark an astonishing configuration within this price segment. Equipped with a slim and lightweight carbon fiber blank, these rods are well-balanced and offer a powerful backbone — very long casts and great power reserves are the consequence!

The Heavy and Extra Heavy feeder rods feature large guides at the quiver tips — perfect, when shock leaders are used. Equipped with titanium oxide double and single leg guides, two carbon fiber and one glass fiber tip, cork handle and transportation holdall. Accurate casts are of huge importance at Method feeder fishing, since targeting the feeding spot as precisely as possible increases the success rate drastically.

During the fight, the blanks open up into a semi- parabolic action, which perfectly absorbs runs and headshakes of large carps or breams, preventing losses. One glass fiber and two carbon fiber quiver tips offer the possibility to quickly adapt to changing conditions.

Also great for fishing from the boat or for catching baitfish for catfish fishing. Delivered with two carbon fiber tips. The light feeder rods with 60g, 80g and g casting weight are tuned for the special requirements of modern feeder fishing. The heavier rods with g and g casting weight and strong backbone feature larger guides at the quiver tips and therefore enable the easy-going application of shock leaders.

Perfect when large amounts of groundbait has to be casted to remote spots. The handle sections are covered with premium shrink tube and are extraordinarily pleasant to handle and can be cleaned easily once required. Equipped with titanium-oxide guides.

The Black Widow Feeder rods are delivered with one red and one yellow quiver tip. The Black Widow Tele feeder rods can also be perfectly applied at fishing for eel! Despite their short sections, the blanks feature a smooth action and even bending curve. Equipped with two carbon fiber feeder tips, EVA handle and titanium oxide double leg guides. By implementing the adjustable Armlock reel seat at the Sensor Float and Power Float models, the reel position can be perfectly adjusted to the individual requirements, resulting in an improved rod balance.

The casting performance and the action of these rods is exquisite and perfectly designed for fishing with natural baits. Ideally suited when heavy wagglers are used for fishing over great distances. These powerful match rods additionally provide enough backbone to net even big breams and medium-sized carps.

Equipped with classic screw-down reel seat. Thanks to the soft tip section with spliced-in solid carbon fiber tip and the strong backbone these rods are also very well applicable for fishing for trouts with the sbirolino. The Aqualite Sensor Float is the ideal rod for fishing for tench, bream, trout and smaller carps but also are also well established at fishing for coregones with the float for years.

Equipped with customized Armlock cork handle for highest comfort during fishing. The high modular carbon fiber blanks are extremely lightweight and display outstanding casting properties. The very lightweight Seaguide guides support the fast resilience of this exceptional rod — very long and accurate casts are the consequence.

The innovatively shaped Seaguide Alien reel seat is very handy thanks to its ergonomic design and supports a convenient handling. The models with a casting weight of g are equipped with spliced-in solid carbon fiber tip, which together with the strong backbone forms a perfect bending curve under strain.

Ideal for fishing with heavy pole floats and wagglers. The size of the guides is chosen to let the line stopper slide through the guides without problems. The fast and lightweight blank perfectly loads at casting and thus ensures long casting distances — also perfect for fishing for zander with natural bait.

These semi-parabolic rods are ideally suited for fishing for tench, bream and other cyprinid species with the float and additionally can be stowed and transported conveniently. The soft tip excellently absorbs all flights and is matched with the action of the backbone, leading to a homogenic bending curve and a great casting performance.

Due to the X45 carbon fiber design the single HVF segments are extremely lightweight, highly distortion-proof and fast — leading to perfectly balanced rods. The feeling with these rods is hard to distinguish from the one of premium detachable rods.

The Ballistic X Tele spinning rods allow extraordinarily precise casts and transmit contact to the ground, lure action and softest taps instantly to the fisherman. The exclusive DAIWA Air Sensor reel seat is pleasant to handle, highly twist-resistant and supports the perfect transmission from the blank to the angler. The premium cork handle provides these classically designed rods with a special look. The comprehensive lineup of the Ballistic X Tele series offers the proper model for almost every domestic predator species and most types or artificial lures.

Also for fishing with natural baits and fishing over very long distances the rods with 3. The rods of the Ninja X series offer a perfect action, which resembles the action of detachable rods and is based on premium carbon fiber blanks and tread- wrapped guides. These rods enable the application of shads, plugs and Co. The strong backbone and the fast tip action pose characteristics, which allow long casting distances and buffer headbutts of large fishes during the fight with ease.

Of course these rods are also the proper choice for all kind of fishing with natural baits for nearly all species. With the Ninja X tele rods you get an optimally balanced, lightweight and premium telescopic rod at an exceptional price-performance ratio!

The rods with lengths of 2. The models with 3. The lightweight and well-balanced carbon fiber blanks care for an outstanding action at the fight and at casting. The lightweight and premium titanium oxide guides with slim inlays additionally support the quick resilience of these rods. Available at an outstanding price-performance ratio, this range offers the proper rod for nearly every field of application. Beyond models for spin and coarse fishing and rods for targeted fishing for predators also two well-balanced float models with 3.

The EVA handle is very comfortable and easy to clean. Equipped with lightweight titanium oxide guides, these modernly designed, short- sectioned telescopic rods provide an outstanding price-performance ratio. With a closed length of only 75 to 87cm these rods can easily be stored in a fishing bag or be transported in a car or by bike. The comprehensive lineup of this series contains rods, that can be applied for both spin fishing for trout, perch and pike as well as for coarse fishing for almost every domestic coarse fish species.

During the fight with the fish the harmonic bending curve prevents losses. The very light and well-balanced blanks offer a fast action with great resilience. The bending curve under strain is similar to the one of a detachable rod and guarantees a save and sensitive fighting with the fish. The slim solid carbon fiber tip is nearly unbreakable under normal fishing conditions and, in combination with the semi-parabolic action of the blank, has great casting properties when using light floats and sinkers.

Perfectly suited for light fishing for trout, tench and different coarse fish! Closed lengths of 67cm to 78cm allow a straightforward transport in the luggage — expensive rod transportation tubes from now on belong to the past. The lineup of the Saltiga Air Portable series offers a small assortment for the uncompromising application in the tropics and other big fish destinations.

HVF carbon fiber blanks with X45 technology are extremely durable and twist resistant — accurate casts and controlled lure presentation are possible every time. The backbone of the Saltiga rods offers huge power reserves to control large specimen during the fight and to lead them away from hazardous areas and reefs with completely closed drag.

The tip action accelerates hardbaits to very good casting distances. Underwrapped Fuji SiC double leg K-guides resist even toughest strains. The V-Joint spigot joint connections are reinforced with a special BIAS carbon fiber material which leads to incredibly robust joints with a perfectly harmonic bending curve.

The difference to a two-sectioned rod is hard to detect! Original Fuji reel seats with double screw secure heavy spinning reels permanently and prevent a loosening of the reel during the fight. Ergonomically shaped Hard-EVA handles are pleasant to grab, offer an optimal power transmission and prevent too quick exhaustion during fishing. The three-sectioned model with a length of 1. The extremely stiff blank with a casting weight of g is perfectly balanced and offers huge power reserves for the fight.

Depending on the model these rods are also very well suited for fishing in Norway for cod, coalfish and halibut! The GrandWaverod series has been designed for the requirements at fishing in Norway as well as in the Baltic and North Sea. HVF carbon fiber.

The great power reserves of these blanks put you into the position to guide and lead large specimen successfully also in critical situations. The distinct tip action prevents unhooking and sets the foundation for permanent convenient fishing and jigging with large lures.

Beyond the optimal blank design also the selection of premium components — like Fuji Fazlite guides, Fuji reel seat with safety screw and premium Hard-EVA material at the handle — provides you with the confidence that you can rely on proven tackle with a long lifespan also at the harsh and uncompromising conditions of sea fishing.

Safely stowed in a padded cloth bag, these rods reach their destination. HVF carbon fiber and accurately processed spigot joint connections provide you with the confidence to cope also with harsh conditions and fierce fights with the fish.

The harmonic bending curve is hard to distinguish from a two-sectioned rod and also the balance of the travel models is exemplary — with the GrandWave Travel rods you get your target fish! At casting the HVF carbon fiber blank fully loads with spoons and plugs of 25g and enables long and precise casts. The backbone is especially designed to set the hook also over long distances but during the fight the blank safely absorbs the fast escapes of seatrouts and prevents unhooking especially close to the net.

Also for fishing for lake trouts in alpine lakes this rod is the proper selection! With reference to its fast but nevertheless harmonic action this rod is applicable for using both mono and braided lines. Highest standards regarding workmanship and proven technologies like HVF carbon fiber, X45 technology and V-Joint spigot joints are the pillars of reliability and longevity even under harshest offshore fishing conditions. In case of damage the tip sleeve can be replaced within seconds thanks to the special screw-in system.

The Sealine Interline rod with lbs is the perfect choice for fishing for coalfish, cod and halibut with lighter tackle. Quick escapes are absorbed in a smooth manner and accidental unhooking is prevented effectively. The lbs model covers the full range of heavy sea fishing with lures and natural bait for halibut, cod, ling and wolffisch.

The sensitive tip indicates even softest bites reliably and the strong backbone allows to master also fights with kg giants!

Due to the extraordinary action, which can hardly be distinguished from two-sectioned rods, these rods also have a huge fanbase among anglers who travel to more nearby fishing destinations by car or plane.

The lineup of these exclusively equipped travel rods features matching rods for most common fishing techniques for cod, coalfish and halibut as well as for deep sea fishing for redfish and ling.

The three-sectioned model with lbs is designed for using pirks between g and g as well as for XL shads up to 30cm and heavy jigheads.

The soft tip buffers flights perfectly while the strong backbone offers enormous power reserves — large halibuts and cods can be directed without compromises! The four-sectioned models fit in almost every suitcase and are ideally suited for fishing trips way up north by plane. The harmonic tip action reliably indicates bites and prevents unhooking during the fight.

With the help of the powerful backbone also large sea predators like cod, coalfish and halibut can be controlled in a safe and determinate way. Fishing fun guaranteed at any time! The tip sleeves are screwed-in and can be replaced within seconds in the case of damage. Made of High-Modulus carbon fiber these rods are equipped with innovative components and feature a great handling experience.

The X-pattern shrinktube handle section cares for a perfect grip and can be easily cleaned if required. The EVA upper handle section has been choosen somewhat shorter and is directly mounted to the blank via a shrink tube. This arrangement allows optimal control during the fight with large sea predators. The tip action of the Sealine rods absorb headbutts and flights of hooked fishes perfectly while the stiff backbone offers enough power to control also large specimen during the fight. The reel seat from the Seaguide Alien concept is especially pleasant to grab due to its broad and closed shape and allows fatigue-free fishing for a long time.

The saltwater- resistant Seaguide guides with Zirconia inlays easily withstand the extreme conditions at sea fishing and allow the use of both fixed spool and multiplier reels. Additionally, the Sealine Travel Pilk rods display a bending curve, that is hard to distinguish from a two-sectioned rod.

With a total length of 2. The lineup comprises different lengths and casting weights and thus offers the option to choose the perfect model for different lure types, lure weights and fishing conditions. The spiral wrap over the whole blank surface of the BG rods makes these rods extremely tough and contributes to that kind of strength required at application at rough sea fishing conditions. The reel seat has been equipped with a double-screw to prevent unwanted loosening of the heavy reels.

Though the cumbersome readjusting is eliminated! The four-sectioned travel models are equipped with reinforced spigot joints and enable an easy transportation and are perfectly matched for their most important fields of application. This kind of fishing requires everything from the rod. The strong blank of the BG Sea Jigger in combination with the titanium oxide guides easily cope with the extreme pressure at strong jigging with heavy lures. If you have any questions about your purchase or shipping, get in touch with us.

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The automatic line lay ensures an optimal wrapping of your line — daiwa ninja feeder 3 60m 40-120g free fully can concentrate on fishing. The Black Widow Tele feeder rods can also be perfectly applied at fishing for eel! This arrangement allows optimal control during the fight with large sea predators. Additionally, also the teeth at the drive wheel are enlarged which leads to a better durability and also prolongs the lifespan. Excluding shipping. A very hard backbone in combination with a very fast action enables astonishing casting distances, perfect lure control and allows setting the hook without delay.




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