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When Do Babies’ Eyes Change Color?.

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So assuming my son will also have hazel. All my kids had blue eyes for a couple of years.. Most babies are born with varying shades of blue eyes, they change usually to their permanent colour sometime in their first year however every bub is different and it can happen sooner or later and also can change colour more than once.

You won’t know for sure until bub is a bit older. I think with how dark your baby’s eyes are they will be hazel or brown maybe.

I think they say it can take up to 12months. People kept saying my son will have blue eyes but I knew they’d be brown. Somsrii Original poster. OP here. I randomly found this post again and thought I’d update in case anyone comes across it. Omg how interesting.

My baby is 9 days old but his eyes look like your first picture. I wonder how they will end up. He’s such a cutie! Keep me updated with what colour they end up – I find it so interesting. Log in or sign up to post a comment! Recent posts in July Birth Club. Going shopping by graindesable. Flat out refusing dinner by Tylerlee Browse more posts. Check out this post for a cool eye color chart for a better idea of what color eyes your baby will have.

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My eyes are like my Dads. The were brown when I was young. But in adulthood, the have become more and more hazel the older I am. My moms are blue, and both sisters are blue. My husband are dark brown. His moms are black, his dads are blue. I have 8 kids. I hope!!!! Eye color is all based on genetics and I do not see that mentioned at all in this post.

Brown eye color is dominant so if a child receives the gene for brown eyes from either mom or dad, they will have brown eyes regardless of the other gene being recessive or dominant.

The confusing part is that not everyone knows what two genes they received, particularly genes received from brown eyed parents Having children can help to reveal this. This post seems very anecdotal and I think the scientific part of this conversation needs to be mentioned, especially if people are interested in learning more on the subject. I have dark brown eyes, my husband has bright blue eyes. All 4 of our children were born with black eyes.

Now we have 1 hazel eyed child, 1 green eyed child, 1 blue and our 4 month old currently has blue eyes too. I have hazel, my husband has dark brown eyes and my 26 day old baby has blueish gray eyes. My mom has blue eyes, my dad has brown eyes my sister has brown eyes.

So who knows what my little ones eyes are going to be. My son has dark blue eyes like I have. I have dark blue that sometimes turn a gray marble color. Can anyone explain this? However, my daughter was born with blue eyes that got lighter. Any ideas?

What is the latest age your little ones eye color changed? For instance one lady stated her child was 2 and their eye color changed, has anyone else experienced this? My eyes were vibrant blue until I was about 8 or 9 YEARS old… Then some days they started looking a bit green, while other days they still looked blue… Eventually they just stayed green and have been that way for decades.

My eyes went from blue to hazel my first year. But as I got older, the color got lighter and more and more blue. By 4th grade you would look at them and say they were certainly green and not hazel. Then the green started turning more blue. However I still have the original gold ring around the pupil from when they were hazel.

My brothers eyes are the exact same as mine except a little more blue. My eyes stayed blue until I was 2 years old, but they were a darker blue.

My 4 month old girl however has brighter blue eyes so I am curious to see if she keeps them. My mothers siblings also have bright blue eyes. We shall see! My daughter was almost and a half when her eyes changed from blue to green.

I have blue eyes, and her father had green. My sons eyes changed to green when he was about a year old. They stayed bright blue for years, then around turned green and have gold flecks in them. I had blue as a baby, and then one morning I woke up with aqua colored eyes, and the next morning, they were green. Yes they can change up until 3 or 4 years of age but will more likely be the color they are going to be by 1 year of age.

I was born with baby blues mum has blue, dad has hazel but during primary school my eyes would change colour each day blue, to green to hazel each day was a different eye colour until they stopped. I now have hazel eyes with more yellow than usual and a dark blue ring around the outside.

My son has your exact color you described. But all the kids I know with brown eyes were grey when born and changed within a month or two.

His were blue and are still blue. Hubby and I both have brown eyes. Mine are so dark you can hardly see my pupils. Hubby has golden brown. We just hit the 4 month mark. His eyes at 2 months were super deep blue. But they are like a navy blue. Lol now they are a ocean blue.

I wonder the same thing. My sons eyes were so dark when he was born and now they have lightened to a navy blue like mine. Husband has brown eyes so who knows if they will change. My LO is five months today came 2. Hers come from her Daddy, clearly, and I’m hoping they stay!!! I think they stay blue if they’re still blue it’s hard for me to imagine them going brown randomly! My nephew’s went brown after 2 months tho so idk how it works exactly. I have very blue eyes and my husband has brown.

My daughter now 2 has brown eyes too. I looked back at pics and by 4 months it was quite obvious they were turning brown. My DS has blue eyes my husband has dark brown and I have hazel and we were really surprised by that. I adore them now though and love that we made a blue eyed boy! Think they look too mixed to stay blue though!

I think it safe to say they are blue. My husband and I both have dark drown eyes. My first son, dark brown, middle son has crystal blue eyes so we were shocked.



– Baby Eye Color Development: When Will Your Baby’s Eyes Change Color?

These genes control for brown or blue and green or hazel. That phrase makes a little more sense when you know that most Caucasian babies are born with blue or gray eyes. Danielle May 14 at am This chart is completely inaccurate.




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