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Logic Pro X Key Commands .10 Shortcuts To Working Faster In Logic Pro X | Mastering In Logic

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Upload or insert images from URL. Click here! Zoom key commands? Share More sharing options Followers 0. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Soundhound Posted February 8, Posted February 8, I know I suck, but in addition, what am I doing wrong? Logic Pro VEP 7. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Sounds like you don’t have the arrange area selected when you are doing it. Make sure the white line is around the arrange area when you do it if you are in Logic 9.

Logic Studio 9 Mac OS Soundhound Posted February 9, Posted February 9, Hey, Go in to your ‘key commands’ window by either pressing ‘options k’ or under preferences. Here do a search for ‘ zoom’. Cheers Skeet. David Nahmani Posted February 9, New default key commands for zooming are Control-Option-arrow keys. Soundhound Posted February 10, Posted February 10, Thanks Skeet!!

Thanks David. HArd to keep up with this stuff!! Monkeymonkey35 Posted September 3, In these 2 new video tutorials I will demonstrate how to make use of the Logic Pro X Zoom controls using keyboard shortcuts. These particular controls were also available in previous versions of Logic such as Logic Studio 9 and Pro 8 so some of you guys will already be familiar with them. However they are still very much worth highlighting as they do most certainly help maintain a steady workflow and relieve you of the constant clicking and sliding of the mouse in trying to get your screen area just right.

However using the keyboard shortcuts covered in both of these video tutorials in order to arrange the right amount of information being displayed on your monitor is far a more flexible proposition and offers far greater accuracy particularly when trying to fit a looped section of music on the screen. Most of these Zoom functions are global so the key commands you will be learning in these tutorials will work in pretty much all of the different Logic windows.


Logic pro x zoom key command free. 10 Shortcuts To Working Faster In Logic Pro X


Time is precious and the programmers of Logic Pro know that, so virtually all aspects of the software can z controlled by your keyboard; it can virtually commsnd a control monitor.

Used in combination with the letter zoon they make up the majority of key commands but I know you know that already. This is pain because you either have to scroll frwe to find the position you were looking dommand in the first place or zoom out and start again.

When zooming on a selected region the top left of that region always remains visable even if your zooming vertically, horizontally commaand both. If the playhead is not visable Logic will zoom in retaining the center window position. This is useful ссылка know so as not to end up /38925.txt the same issues I used to have, zooming in on the wrong place! If you have a trackpad either on a laptop dree stand alone trackpad you can use two fingers by pinching outwards to zoom in and inwards to zoom out.

Got that? If you have a region selected when using horizontal zoom the window will zoom in on that region. This is useful if you want to zoom on a region to edit or on the play head set at a location you want to work in. Another way of zooming vertically and horizontally is to use the Apple key along with the arrows keys. Apply Plus up and down zooms vertically. Comman you want to zoom in on a region to edit use the key. Select the region and it allows you to instantly zoom in.

By hitting logic pro x zoom key command free key for a second time the project will zoom back out again. You can highlight a number of regions hit Z and the prro will zoom in on the highlighted areas.

Hit Z again and it will какие descargar autodesk revit structure 2016 free часу back to where you previously were. You will need to backtrack multiple times to get back to your original position. Another really useful Zoom feature that is often logic pro x zoom key command free but one that Activation code parallels desktop 13 free personally find useful is zooming with the playhead. To do this simply click on the lower section of the ruler but I find logic pro x zoom key command free easier and more consistent to click and hold the very top of the playhead where the triangular head is, then hold option and drag the pointer down ccommand zoom logic pro x zoom key command free and drag the pointer up to zoom out.

This is perfect if you need to quickly zoom in and out around the playhead. Zoom in, edit and zoom out to continue on the project! Moving along and scrolling around the project is another useful way of getting from A to B I use Shift commabd combination with the Scroll Wheel so that I can scroll along to wherever I need to be. Personally Посмотреть больше find this a really useful way of getting around.

A great way to move quickly from one part of zom project to another is using Go To Position. In this case bar 4, next logic pro x zoom key command free ok and the playhead will jump to bar 4.

A quick and easy way to effortlessly make big leaps around a project. If you want to quickly move a region to where the commannd is simply hit ; key. Titting ; moves a region to where ever the playhead is.

One of my commwnd frustrations was setting up a Cycle Region and then wanting to listen to a part of the session that was outside of the cycle area. You can double click along the pogic area to play from wherever you want to, which can be useful. All you do is select the region or regions you want to play from and whilst holding shift hit the spacebar and Logic will start to play from that region!

You can sign up for free guides right now that will help to improve and enhance your Logic mastering skills. So there you have it! The difficult part is remembering them but you could always right them down and refer back to them or pop back and visit Mastering In Logic again soon coommand remind yourself of these great timesaving shortcuts. If you liked this article and want to learn more about Logic X sign up to Mastering In Logic and receive more great tutorials to help you on your way to creating the perfect Logic Pro X productions.

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Zoom Super Fast in Logic Pro X – Professional Composers.

An intuitive web app to help you memorize Logic Pro X key commands. For (UK) English and International English keyboards with or without a numeric keypad. The appropriate key command will light up. Commit to memory! Yep, got it. Backlit Editing Keyboard for Logic Pro X with over key commands. English or German. ⌃⇧Z Zoom to fit. LOGIC PRO X KEY COMMANDS. Useful Beginner Key Commands. New Track: Option-Command-N Import Audio Files: Shift-Command-I Bounce Song: Command-B Record: R Zoom Tracks: Command-Arrow Keys Waveform Size: Command-(+) or (-) Tools: T Project Window: Command-1 Mix WIndow: Command-2 Virtual Keyboard: Command-K Open Mixer: X Open . command Key(s) Tool Command Ctrl+Alt Any Change to the Zoom tool Alt Pointer Drag a region to create a copy Shift Pointer Select automation nodes Ctrl+Shift Pointer Create crossfade between audio regions Ctrl+Shift Pointer Adjust curves Alt Marquee Create marquee selection for selected region Alt+Shift Marquee Add to marquee selection Show/Hide Cmd+K Musical .




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