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To remove the $Windows.~BT folder and its contents, you can run Disk Cleanup and remove/delete Temporary Windows Installation Files. See this link (go to Use. If the $WINDOWS.~BT folder is still present afterwards, it likely just contains a few spare log files–or now-useless setup files on Windows 7 or. To delete $Windows.~BT or folder apply the below-given steps: A dialog box of Disk Cleanup will open. Select C:\ or the name of drive where these.

2 Options to Delete $WINDOWS.~BT Folder After Windows 10 Update | Password Recovery

Once the Disk Cleanup utility opens, select Clean up system files and the Disk Cleanup utility window will disappear. Once it reappears, you’ll see extra options in the list.


Windows 10 remove $windows. bt free.How to Change or Remove User Account Picture in Windows 10 / 8


Technology in terms you understand. Sign up for the Confident Computing newsletter for weekly solutions to make your life easier. Click here and get The Ask Leo! Become a Patron of Ask Leo! By far the simplest, quickest, and most effective way to go back to Windows 7 is to restore your machine to the backup image you took immediately prior to upgrading to Windows Well, then your most recent image backup before upgrading will do.

If this installation was an upgrade of a Windows 7 or 8. Click on Get started underneath Go back to Windows 7. Windows 10 encourages, sometimes quite aggressively, the use of a Microsoft account to log in to your computer, rather than a local account and password.

Some time and a few reboots later, your machine is back to running the previous version of Windows. If your computer came with media that allows you to restore it to its original factory settings, that will typically include restoring it to the operating system that the machine came with — presumably Windows 7 or 8.

Make certain to take a backup prior to doing this, so you can at least recover your data files after the restore is complete. Reinstall Windows from scratch. With that in hand, the process is conceptually very simple:.

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As is the case with so many things in life, when it comes to software everyone has their favourite. I upgraded from 8. That said, Edge is still new therefore lacking in many areas such as dev tools where Chrome has it beat by a mile. But it will undoubtedly improve. It likes to run in a full screen mode that harkens back to a much older version of windows. Changing screen resolutions before starting the game has no effect. By the way, it ran fine on the same hardware in Win 7.

Would a virtual machine be a good choice to run win 7 for just those apps you need 7 for? Does Win 10 play well with virtual machines? I made an image backup of my Windows 7 installation before going ahead with Windows 10…. After the install of 10 and using it for about a week, I absolutely hated it. All my drivers were brought up to date but I encountered a lot of problems with user account dialogue boxes appearing without contents.

The computer was sloooooow and this is with an Intel i7 processor and the computer was thoroughly cleaned up of temp files and other crap before the install. Booting took twice as long 1 minute as compared to 30 seconds with Win 7. So I went back to 7. What a disaster, a lot of my programs were inoperable and could not be uninstalled or reinstalled. Something happened to the installer files and there was nothing that could be done even with specialized uninstall utilities.

I went to use my image file and the backup that I made of 10 crapped out a file required for the reimaging of the computer. Luckily, I have an installation disk for Win 7. After the reimage was successful I was more or less back to normal.

The visual presentation on a 32 inch monitor is just crap. It just looks like an enlarged tablet…yuk! Ron, my experience was almost letter for letter as yours, except I have more to add. Just like Leo says, I first did a Norton virus scan on mt win7, and then made 2 image backups… one using my Ghost15, and the other with Macrium reflect.

You would thing I was bullet proof right? Wrong… my upgrade to 10 left me on the desktop could here the chime with a black screen and no mouse or keyboard. I played for a while and enjoyed the interface and added features which was great. He escalated it to specialists and 2 days later a woman did the same things and failed. Then 2 days later, the top brass tried again and failed.

I told them all it was a display problem with my 3 year old Gigabyte laptop, but they would not listen and ended up uninstalling just about everything I had on it before saying… put up with it or roll back. Well roll back I did, but when that feature failed also, I went for my trusty Ghost15… but it was not working with win10, so I go for my 2nd fav Macrium, but I had to download and install the latest version and still it would not work either.

After rebooting to the Macruium Recovery disk it failed to see any images on both my D drive and also ext Samsung drive. Well I ended up getting back to a win7 OS using win10 backup, but the win7 was almost as corrupt as win10 and extremely slow. At least from there I was in an environment where I could now finally us Ghost to get back to an image 2 months old. There is a lot not said here but that would require a book. I was using Windows 8; then installed Anyhow, I found it confusing. So I followed directions in 10 and reinstalled an older version.

I had a similar problem. I have a 4 year old Toshiba laptop with a Synaptics touchpad that suddenly stopped scrolling after the upgrade—by suddenly I mean it worked a day or 2 after the upgrade to Win10 then stopped scrolling.

It took a whole day to find a way to fix it because pulling up the Synaptics settings did no good. It was maddening… I really liked Win10 but I reverted to Win7 until Toshiba updates the necessary drivers. Oh and thank you Leo! Did a macrium back day before windows 10 release of windows 7, downloaded windows 10 on the first day, it took about 2 hours,then about another hour to install.

Initially I could not connect to the internet plus there was a few other glitches. Did a google of the problems on my ipad and found the workarounds, all working satisfactory by the late afternoon. So far it is working very good,start up is much quicker,programmes load quicker, also very quick response to the internet. In other words it is quite snappy. I have not yet deleted the old windows 7,but will hang on to it for the month you have to roll back.

Then all going well wil ldelete it but will still have the windows 7 backup on a external disc just in case. However, So far I am quite pleased with and at the moment will sticking with it. As I understand it, the W10 update deactivates your previous system license. I would like to take an image of my W7 system, then, after the 30 days be able to restore the W7 system, but I am worried that the restored W7 will not activate.

So if you restore from backup, you are running Windows 7 with that same license. They buried my 8. Had to put an ei. Some are finding this out the hard way and have to roll back to an earlier version.

You better listen to Leo and others. Do not do an upgrade to Windows 10 without a complete system image. I have a Windows 7 computer and a tablet that was running Windows 8. The tablet with Windows 10 installed is working better than ever, and I was suprised to find Windows 10 did fix the issues with my media player, and also find my touch screen is much more responsive. The Windows 7 to 10 upgrade has been very disappointing. Upgrade went without a hitch, worked great for a couple days, then the same bugs others dealing with in the forums started cropping up.

Maybe has something to do with an older system? I have the luxury of being able to tinker and tweak because I have a Windows7 system image I know I can go back to if I ultimately have to give upon the upgrade. I also have the confidence of having restored system images many times for different reasons and I know it will work. Others though. So please, before you upgrade listen to others who post here a lot smarter than me, and get yourself a backup hard drive , download Macrium or similar software and back up your system.

You just might need that backup image. I downloaded Windows 10 and my computer crashed. I have tech service from Dell and spent a total of eight hours with them. The decision was made to send it to Dell. My laptop was working fine until I downloaded I want my 8. Hopefully I will get it back. What a mess! I too tried the upgrade from Win 7 64 bit to Win All went well for approx.

After the first lot of updates the machine just refused to reboot after the restart and looped. Took it to the repair shop who put my copy of Win 7 back on — all is well…. Once you are back on windows 7, updates will not work, and will keep pestering you to update, and the download and install to windows 10 will start all over again, before anything updates.

The ONLY way to go back to your computer with windows 7 the way you had it before the 10 install is to have created a system image of your windows 7 hard drive, and a suggestion is to uninstall one of the updates of windows 7 which is KB


2 Tricks To Delete $WINDOWS.~BT and $WINDOWS.~WS Folders In Windows 10

We found this thread see Ruth Buruga’s response. But before that, create a system restore point just to be on a safe side. After a few rounds of checking that those files-in-use actually existed where they belonged outside the temp folder, checking that the registry correctly pointed to the right location and not the temp folder, and then finally stopping the affected program or service and deleting the files, I got tired of that game. In reply to BruceMorris’s post on May 14, Tweet Share Email. Select OK to save the changes. Below are the full steps are given to delete these folders by applying the two options.



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